BZB UAS Wrocław

Meet the team of drone enthusiasts

Passion brings professionalism, professionalism brings quality,
and quality is a luxury.

Jacek Walkiewicz, Polish coach and mentor

We deliver this luxury to our clients and customers by actively collaborating as BZB UAS. We're passionates who specialiste in design, integration and development of Unmanned Aerial Systems for civil applications. Our goal is to promote high technology, quality and safety.

Solutions that we provide let you (in an evironment-friendly manner):

  • carry out operations without airfield infrastructure,
  • gather high precision data,
  • generate savings in comparison to manned aircrafts.

Meet the team

Kacper Budnik
Jan Byrtek
Tomasz Tworek
Marek Głogowski
Monika Żurańska-Skalny
Mateusz Krakowiak
Piotr Majdański
Rafał Kowalczyk
Agata Kapusta
Politechnika Wrocławska Podziękowania

We'd like to heartily thank Wrocław University of Technology for shaping our future.

BZB UAS was founded in February of 2017.

The first half of the acronym, BZB, stands for the names of the cofounders: Jan Byrtek, Kacper Budnik, Paweł Zdanowicz. Currently, the company is run by Kacper Budnik and Jan Byrtek – graduates from Wrocław University of Technology, ex-chairmans of the Academic Aircraft Club and specialists of modern technologies.

The second half, UAS, stands for Unmanned Aerial Systems. This international acronym shows that the company specializes not only in drones, but also in the whole aerial systems.

Contests and Programmes

Development through competition

As a start-up we're developing not only in our workshops or laboratories, but also by taking part in a variety of contests and acceleration programmes. In may of 2018 we took part in the "Startups in the Palace" event organised by the President of Poland.

Recently we also finished the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland's acceleration programme. We cooperated with PGNiG there and developed out flagship product – the Koliber UAS drone. Long-distance unmanned plane dedicated to infractructure reviewing.

  • Gala młode talenty
  • Prezydent RP Andrzej Duda
  • Gala rozdanie nagród
  • Statuetka i dyplomy

Our achievements

Startupy w Pałacu

Startups in the Palace
Project participation

MIT Enterprise Forum

MIT Enterprise
Forum Poland

Dolnośląski Klub Kapitału

Dolnośląski Klub Kapitału
"Young Talents" prize

ABSL Startup challenge

ABSL Startup challenge

Startup Europe Awards

Startup Europe Awards
Prize in Agritech

Why Startup A Business?

WPT – Why Startup A Business? – Finalists

  • Their systems are reliable, safe and easy to operate.
    Their services are delivered diligently, the reports are precise and readable.

    As current contrahents, we recommed working with BZB UAS. Przemysław Tomków – PCD24

  • We needed someon to monitor the building works.
    Gentlemen from BZB UAS helped us by creating ortophotomaps to evaluate the progress of the undertaking.

    Drone and training specialists worth our recommendation! Damian Kalinowski – Damtech Solutions Sp. z o.o.

  • We've hosted BZB UAS in the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland acceleration programme.
    During the project they cooperated with PGNiG, for which they developed an unmanned aerial system.

    The device they created has passed all tests within their partner's infrastructure. Magdalena Jabłońska – Fundacja Przedsiębiorczości Technologicznej

  • As the chairman of the student research group, I could observe Jan and Kacper on the job.
    With full responsibility, I recommend them as BZB UAS company.

    Certainly, they will overcome many ambitious obstacle and goals. dr inż. Wiesław Wędrychowicz – Wrocław University of Technology