ekoSKY 2.0

One of Poland's first vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft. Entirely made of advanced composite materials and equipped with the latest electronic components. Powered solely by electric motors, which allow it to fly for up to 150 minutes. The plug-and-play, vertical takeoff and landing system makes flight preparation and operation surprisingly easy and convenient. 
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Civilian unmanned system ekoSKY 2.0

Author's vertical takeoff aircraft of Polish production


  • 1x ecoSKY 2.0 (ready-to-fly unmanned aerial vehicle),
  • 1x fabric transport cover,
  • 1x control apparatus,
  • 1x starter kit (1x battery pack, charger, instruction manual),
  • *OPTIONAL integrated camera/module.



3000 mm

Maximum takeoff weight MTOM

16 kg

Maximum load weight

1,5 kg

Cruising speed

22 m/n

Maximum speed

30 m/s

Length of flight

150 min


20 km

*with GDM module unlimited range.