Cube Red
The Cube Red is a professional dual FMU flight control system that ensures operational reliability through its two dual-core, double-precision FPU processors. The newly added Ethernet interface and DSI out provide an unprecedented flight experience. An Isolated Static Air port minimizes disruptions from external airflow, ensuring stable static pressure. Also with Ardupilot firmware, you can utilize this unit with any type of UXV.
4,065.04 zł 4065.04 PLN 4,065.04 zł VAT Included
4,065.04 zł VAT Included
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This is an alpha version, recommended for developers only


Two redundant H7 processors

Powerful processing performance is provided by two STM32H7 dual-core processors, each equipped with double-precision FPU (Floating Point Unit) operations.


The Cube Red with Ethernet interface


Isolated Static Air port



  • 2x STM32H757
  • Ethernet Interfejs
  • 3x CAN buses
  • 4x IMU on primary H7 processor
  • 1x IMU on secondary H7 (backup)
  • 3x barometers
  • DSI Output
  • USB-C Debugging Interfejs
  • Static Air port
  • CAN FD port
  • Additional foams of different hardness
  • Replaceable, fully enclosed and insulated static air ducts

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2023 NDAA compliance

Official document CubePilot CLICKZobacz


  • 1x – Cube Red Standard Set
  • 1x – Carierboard ADS-B for Red Cube
  • 1x – Standard Cable Set v2.1
  • 1x – I2C board
  • 1x – Power Brick Mini
  • 1x – Top Case with Waterproof
  • 1x – Air Tube Connector (M3)
  • 1x – Foam A
  • 1x – Foam B
  • 1x – Mini IO to RJ45 Cable (30cm)
  • 4x – 3M Stickers (S)
  • 2x – 3M Stickers (M)
  • 3x – 3M Stickers (L)