RP1 V2 ExpressLRS 2.4ghz Nano Receiver

The receiver is a perfect fit for all versions of the RadioMaster ELRS. The V2 version has a TCXO oscillator for better performance, see the product description for more information.
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88.62 zł VAT Included
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RP1 V2 ExpressLRS 2.4GHz Nano Receiver is an open-source receiver based on ExpressLRS

The Nano receiver, first developed by Jye Smith of the ExpressLRS development team, is equipped with an ESP8285 MCU and an SX1280 RF chip. The RP1 has a UFL antenna socket for use with a full-band antenna. The RP2 has a built-in ceramic antenna that is super lightweight and small, ideal for FPV racing.

RP1 V2 ExpressLRS 2.4GHz Nano Receiver has built-in WIFI

so you can update the firmware via WIFI and configure the receiver using the built-in WebUI interface on your computer or cell phone.

With a low-latency RF module and high frame rate, the RP1 and RP2 are ideal for FPV racing or long-range drones.

Suitable for Whoop, drones and fixed-wing models due to their light weight and minimal size, these receivers will fit anywhere! 


  • Model: RP1 ExpressLRS Nano Receiver (2.4GHz) V2
  • Type: ISM
  • Antenna: 65mm 2.4ghz T Antenna
  • Maximum frequency range: 500Hz / F1000Hz
  • Minimum refresh rate: 25Hz
  • Operating voltage: 5v
  • Weight: 2.2g (z anteną)
  • Dimensions: 13mm*11mm*3mm
  • Software version: ExpressLRS v2.4 pre-installed
  • Compatible with: RadioMaster RP1/2 2400 RX
  • Bus interface: CRSF